The Susan Fund

The Susan Fund began as a way to honor our previous rector, The Rev. Susan Copley, for her years of service at CCSM and in the community The mission of the fund is to provide scholarships allowing area youth, with limited financial resources, to enroll in summer enrichment programs of their choosing.

We were able to meet with students at Sleepy Hollow High School this year and had an enjoyable session making them aware of The Susan Fund and the opportunities it afforded them. We received many more applications this year and were able to fund 6 students within the financial guidelines set to keep this fund sustainable over the years. The students took courses in criminal justice, art, and computer coding at various Westchester colleges, private schools and art centers.

Many of the students did not have transportation to their courses and so in some cases that was funded as well.

In order to increase the visibility of the fund we advertised in several publications and joined the monthly C2 Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow community calendar meetings. Interviews were completed with the students before they began their course and after they completed it in order to understand their experience and evaluate the programs they participated in.